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Tonight, not by chance…

I’ve spent a lot of time this evening reading old posts from Evelyn’s Journey.  Tears pouring down my face as I recall the heartache.  I haven’t looked back at those entries in quite some time, months, and find it incredibly interesting that  I have just realized that today is February 24th… and one year ago today I found myself in the emergency room, beginning the journey that has forever changed our lives.  It is hard to imagine how much we’ve been through in just one year.  Tonight I am praising God and thanking Him, with all of my heart, for the amazing progress Evelyn has made.  Thanking Jesus for His hand of protection that has carried us daily!  I know that the Lord has so much more planned for our family and I am eager to walk in it!  Knowing that any plans He has for our family will require us to take active steps of faith, steps we will take daily as we grow closer to Christ!  A heart of gratitude fills me as I recall all of the prayers, the meals, the tears, the love, that everyone poured out so generously during those first weeks and months… There has been no greater picture of the Love of God than that of the outpouring of our friends and family during this journey.   It is not by chance that I have landed here tonight, reading these posts, recalling God’s faithfulness.  It is His reminder to me of how faithful He is and how much He longs to stay in a close relationship with me. 

Lord I thank you for meeting me tonight, for blessing my heart, and of course – for your Faithfulness!

In Christ,

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