Back from Boston

Evelyn was such a trooper today.  She is such a blessing and my love for her can’t even be expressed in words.  Callen and Annabelle have become so understanding and have really begun to embrase their roles in helping keep Evie safe.  The Lord is really using this time to show Callen and Annabelle perspective, to learn to look ouside of their wants and desires and put someone else’s needs above their own.  It is wonderful to watch them grow and become closer to the Lord, to eachother and to Evelyn.  I am a blessed woman and love them all so very much!

The first sigh of releif – After our trip, the hematologist called and confirmed that she does not have Leukemia (which is one cause for neutropenia) – PRAISE THE LORD!

After having bloodwork we met with the hematologist.  Her bloodwork showed her neutrophil count or ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) was .22 or 220, which is up from .1 / 100 from yesterday!!   He reviewed all of Evelyn’s previous tests as well and said he felt confident that the issue causing her neutrophil to be depleted is either a virus or an antibody issue.  There is certain types of activity in her blood work that are indicative of a body that has recently fought a virus.  He also saw some other activity that you usally see just prior to neutrophil going up.  He was very hopeful and encouraging.  Neutrophil recovery from a virus, he said, can take days, weeks or even months.   If the underlying issue is an antibody problem it generally takes months to a year to recover.    So, moving forward, regardless of whether it is a virus or the antibody, we need to keep on doing what we have been doing to protect her from germs and they will periodically keep testing her levels.  They said that, while her numbers are below 500,  if she has a fever over 101.00 for any reason that it’s a trip to the ER and IV antibiotics.  I asked if we could do bloodwork first to see if the fever was viral or bacterial and he said that unfortunately we can’t.  Though she would not need antibiotics for a viral infection, only a bacterial infection, they cannot wait for test results to come back to begin a course of IV antibiotics.  The risk is too high with how life threatening a bacterial infection could become, very rapidly,  given her condition,  while we would be waiting for test results to come back in.

We left feeling very encouraged and must rest in knowing that the Lord has her in the palm of His hands.  And while we don’t know the timing of her healing, the Lord does, and we can trust Him with that!   It all comes down to trust – wanting to know the outcome before we get there… If I trust the Lord, I don’t have to worry or fret about an outcome – He has it under control and is in control! 

Thank you all for your continued praying, I know I say that a lot, but I mean it each and every time.  Prayer is what is getting us through these difficult times.  God is good, He is faithful!

Love to you all,
The Cote’s!

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