Evie’s Neutrophil Numbers

Hello Everyone,

Evelyn had her blood work taken today and the results came back poor.  Her number did not increase over the last eight days, it decreased.  It went from 330 to 100.  They are referring us to hematology in Boston and we are heading down to Boston tomorrow morning.  We are continuing to pray for her protection and for wisdom on how to move forward.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t overwhelmed… I’m continuing to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus!  Praying that God will heal her sweet body, renew her body and her strength! I love her so much and I want so badly for her to be okay, I want my kids to be able to cuddle with her and roll around with her.  I want to enjoy her with friends and family and praise the Lord with her at church… Jesus, please hear my prayer… She is so strong and so brave!

For further updates:
During the time that I was in the hospital the first time I kept reading the story of a little boy named Logan Andrew (http://loganandrew.com/Logans_Story.html)  I was so encouraged to hear what they went through, all they overcame, and that I wasn’t the only one who has traveled this same journey.  With all that the Lord has shown me during this time I decided to start a web-site for Evelyn so that others going through what we are going through might find our web-site and learn that the true hope that we all seek only comes from the Lord…  All of Evie’s latest updates will be on www.letfaitharise.com.  I can’t tell you all how much it means that you have continued to join me in prayer for my sweet baby… The Lord has heard us all along and I know He hears us now!

Thank you all so much,
Love Jill

Evie’s Sue’s Updates:  www.letfaitharise.com

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    Our prayers will continue to be lifted for all of you!


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